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Community Spotlight: This is Perfect Harmony

Since 2017, Perfect Harmony has been making waves in the MN community; through their beautifully crafted articles and interviews which feature a penchant for impeccable music and events community representation, growth, and influence, their project has exploded from a post-college idea, into a locally and nationally recognized name.

The PH team is expansive, and consists of a collective of creatives who are variously involved in whatever presented projects inspire them.

A Dive into the History of Perfect Harmony

Co-founders Alycia Grace and Jenna Vagle both graduated with communications degrees, with the goal of working in entertainment reporting.

“We never envisioned ourselves as entrepreneurs, but we both wanted a platform where we could talk about things that interested us and the people around us. We wanted to create a platform or creative outlet for ourselves and others to explore their interests,” states Alycia.

Jenna echoes this, voicing that they both had gained individual experience working in the large press following school, and that their collective vision came to fruition;

“When I went to visit Alycia in Hawaii, we were both sick of writing for other people. We said ‘let's just start our own news site’, and the rest was history!”

Their first interview was a house music duo, known as Golf Clap, who have since split into two different projects. Alycia had met the duo and conversed with them at Electric Forest, and they were interested in speaking on how the festival impacts the local music scene; sparking PH’s big break into music journalism.

Read PH’s first article HERE

“Jenna and I have always had an open and revolving door at Perfect Harmony,” said Alycia, in reference to the members of the project.

Those writing, covering events, and more, are welcome to contribute as their inspiration suggests, henceforth all products of time and service are from those who are committed and interested in said topic. Every article, interview, and project comes only from a place of true passion and drive to share those particular subjects with the world.

“We just want everyone to have fun when they’re writing an article, capturing an event, creating a playlist, designing a graphic, or exploring a new avenue with us. If we’re not enjoying ourselves on the journey, what's the point?” - Alycia

Their Mission

The humble roots of Perfect Harmony are set in becoming a traditional news source; more than simply a social media account and being an influencer system- integrating more big-picture stances on community issues and voicing the call for revolution in representation, accountability, and safety, said topics which are typically neglected in impact statements from community spokespeople.

This initial vision has only grown to include the addition of audio-based content, in the wake of increased receptiveness to video.

“We have always wanted to talk about the art, the people, and the causes we cared about. That part of the vision has never changed.” - Alycia

The Future

Over the course of the development of PH, “The Skoolie,” has become a major factor in the future of the project. The Skoolie is a WIP school bus conversion (owned by Co-Founder Alycia), which has quickly become a universally useful expansion to PH. Not only does it serve as a representative symbol for the creative platform; it is an inspirational icon for others, paving the way for interviews on the road, and outfitted to house their members on the go, giving PH access to a mobile creative space for all branches of their vision, at any geographic location.

Perfect Harmony’s range, having been greatly expanded with the development of The Skoolie, is reaching new heights in the future- having already set in stone additional festival panels and general plans, make sure to keep your eye out at your favorite events for your favorite school bus conversion!

Alycia has hinted at additional inclusions to the iconic vehicle, which include staging on the top (reminiscent of the Good Bus) and insulation/equipment installations which will increase the quality of content created on the go.

A large facet of the expedited expansion of PH is attributed to Jenna, who primarily handles backend work. She serves as editor, web developer, and project developer, among many other skills.

“My biggest success is seeing the progression of our content creators! As the editor, I get to see what they come up with and teach them how to make it shine. Someone’s gotta do the dirty work, but it’s cool to see how smooth their writing has gotten. Especially Alycia; she has always been an amazing writer, but with my journalism background in her ear, she’s taken her writing to the next level.” - Jenna

In coming years, expect to see more of the PH crew and their original content which brings more eyes to underground artists, experts on issues that directly impact concertgoers and the general music community, and wave-makers to hear from.

Learn more about Perfect Harmony HERE

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