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Stage Manager Intern

Minneapolis, MN, USA

Job Type


About the Role

The role of this position will be within Low & High’s events and experiences. The individual will work directly with artists, agents, & managers in order to properly prepare and handle a stage prior, during and after a show. This position will be responsible for a broad area of work including but not limited to: tech rider fulfillment, stage setup + coordination, execution of ROS, ensuring all artists equipment is fully functional and workspace is free of debris, problem solving, striking/storing equipment.

1. Ensure that the show is able to run smoothly from start to finish while following all constraints supplied
by artist(s) management / tour.

2. Make sure that artists' needs are met and exceeded in accordance with L&H standards.

Provided that the individual is located within a traveling distance of Minneapolis, they will be guest listed to all Low & High events/experiences (This includes both public and private events that L&H holds). Exclusive L&H merchandise that will not be released to the general public. Experience within a growing business and an opportunity to jumpstart your career in the music industry. If you are in college, we also offer a college credit hour program and can apply hours worked to degree requirements.


A passion for the underground music industry.

Effective communication and organization skills.

Experience with g-suite (google docs, google calendar, google sheets, etc.).

Experience with setup / troubleshooting equipment (CDJ2000NXS2, CDJ3000, DJM900NXS2, Akai APC, MIC’s, etc.)


We are looking to take on an apprentice stage manager who is looking to expand their horizons in the live music production world. This individual will be responsible for all tasks that have to deal with the stage at our live & streamed events. The individual will be expected to preview all technical riders, ensuring that we have the proper equipment for all artists on the billing alongside setting up said equipment in a fashion that allows for minimal interruptions during show time. The person accepted for this position is expected to be sober during shows they are working and to maintain a professional demeanor around these artists (This is their line of work. They are humans. Treat them with respect and integrity.) It is assumed that the person accepted for this position will follow the same general passion for the music, culture & art that Low & High represents itself with.

*(please preview our artist’s both past and present alongside our shows & record label to get an idea for the type of sounds that we are booking for our show and what you can expect to hear live.)*

Please submit a resume with a short summary of which position you are applying for and how you'd be a good fit to join our team to:

About the Company

Low & High Presents is a Minneapolis-based bass collective, complete with a label, artist management, and events which feature eclectic visual art and vendors in conjunction with carefully curated music.
Our primary mission is to bring together a safe, diverse community of people who appreciate art and music

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