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Artist Manager


Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

The role of this position will be within the Low & High artist management division. The individual will work directly with artists, agents, the Low & High managers and marketing members, and a broad spectrum of industry professionals in order to broaden their relationships within the music industry. This position will be responsible for a broad spectrum of topics with their artists such as: labels, royalties, accounting, public relations, DSPs, music distribution, digital marketing, promotion, venue & agent coordination and communication, contracts & negotiations, merchandising and tour management.

1. Utilize your experience and connections to help an artist achieve their goals, ambitions, and execute their vision of their project.

2. Act as a liaison between your artist and their goals; working towards bridging the gaps and handling the aspects of their project that prevent them from actively working/expressing their craft. Always working with their best interests in mind and actively working toward a destination that they have communicated.

This position will be compensated based on a percentage of artists earnings which will be agreed upon and contracted through both Low & High and the artist(s) present. This percentage will be based on previous experience and negotiations between artist and management. Provided that the individual is located within a traveling distance of Minneapolis, they will be guest listed to all Low & High events/experiences (This includes both public and private events that L&H holds). Exclusive L&H merchandise that will not be released to the general public. Experience within a growing business and an opportunity to jumpstart your career in the music industry. If you are in college, we also offer a college credit hour program and can apply hours worked to degree requirements.


A passion for the underground music industry.

Effective communication and organization skills.

Experience with g-suite (google docs, google calendar, google sheets, etc.).

Experience with managing an electronic artist.


We are seeking an experienced artist manager who has a track record of working with medium to large scale projects within the edm industry. This position can be full time or part time depending on your workflow, communication skills, and the amount of projects you oversee. It is expected that the individual will not take on a bigger workload than they can manage between all other aspects of their life. We look for quality over quantity of work and would like your worth ethic to replicate that; there is no reason to take on more than you can personally handle( we all have lives and enjoy a proper balance of work/life experience). All meetings can be done virtually if you are not in close proximity to Minneapolis. The person accepted for this position should follow the same general passion for the music, culture & art that Low & High represents itself with.

*(please preview our artist’s both past and present alongside our shows & record label to get an idea for the type of sounds that we are pursuing as potential roster artists.)*

Please submit a resume with a short summary of which position you are applying for and how you'd be a good fit to join our team to:

About the Company

Low & High Presents is a Minneapolis-based bass collective, complete with a label, artist management, and events which feature eclectic visual art and vendors in conjunction with carefully curated music.
Our primary mission is to bring together a safe, diverse community of people who appreciate art and music

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