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Low & High Artist Roster

Deep Dubstep, Dubstep, Hybrid Trap, and Space Bass. 



Dubstep // Sound System Culture

MixedMind was born from the combined forces between renowned producers Joey Kriesel(MN), and Nick Kinser(MI). The project delivers a unique collaboration of dirty trap elements and low end bass draws. Receiving support from around the world, the pair has cultivated over 7,000 downloads and 350,000 plays across 4 different continents developing a prevailing reputation amongst the underground.

MixedMind is notorious for taking the time to create a new experience which truly mixes and blends the minds of attendees together over the duration of their showcase. Having played at festivals such as Infrasound, Lost Lands, Kosmic Kingdom, Bass Ribbon Pines, etc. Following the multi-genre project is bound to leave you mixed minded.


Nautical Divine

Dubstep // DNB // Bass Music

Nautical Divine, a project created by artist David James Allison, was born to bridge the gap between concept songwriting and the forward movement of bass music. Rooted in the aesthetic of UK sound, the multi-genre project is boundless through its explorations of unique sound design and journey-driven compositions.
The project has been recognized worldwide, garnering support across the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many more bodies across Europe, names which include the likes of Truth, Ternion Sound, Wraz, Deep Dark & Dangerous, Sleeveless Records, 3000 Bass, Pulp Glitchin’ Records & More.



Dubstep // Bass Music

TRiP B is an up and coming low end specialist. The project was started by Bert Marten out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and has since grown to seek the attention of bass heads throughout the Midwest. TRiP B has a primary focus on low end frequencies which can truly only be appreciated on a proper sound system. Supporting acts such as Dalek One, DRTY HBTZ, Eazybaked, MixedMind, Mythm & Reso, it is evident that the sound and live setting the project brings to the plate is ready to take on the world.

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